Not Me?

Jonathan Jones is a common name, and depending on how you reached this page, you may be looking for a different person... 

  • Firstly there are at least two other people called Jonathan Jones who are British consultants who work on CRM projects with Salesforce. The first is currently Programme Director at Reed Exhibitions and his linkedin page is here. (Coincidentally I also used to work at Reed Exhibitions, though we weren't there at the same time.) The other works for NimbusPoint Consulting - the company website is here.
  • Then there are lots of other people called Jonathan Jones who have nothing to do with CRM Consulting. Amongst them:
    • Jonathan Jones the British art critic, see here
    • For Jonathan Jones the Sydney based artist, see here
    • In academia, Jonathan A Jones the atomic physicist has a page here, not to be confused with the medical professor Jonathan Jones here, or the molecular biologist here
    • Jonathan Jones the alt.rock singer has a home page at, but it appears to be defunct. His wikipedia page is here. He may or may not be the same singer as this Jonathan Jones over at here
    • For Jonathan Richard Jones the investigative journalist, see here
    • The Jonathan Jones working in the UK government legal service is here
    • ...but if you need an American lawyer called Jonathan Jones, try here, here, here or here - all different people as far as I can tell, and none to be confused with the South African lawyer here
    • There's an American Football player called Jonathan Jones, his stats are here
    • There is a general business consultant Jonathan Jones here
    • There's a chef from Houston with a blog here, an orthopaedic surgeon with a site here, and an architect here
    • For the animation voice-over actor, see here
    • ...and finally, if you're looking for the pirate shark from Super Mario Bros, try here